What is the difference between SaaS bookkeeping and Hosted bookkeeping?

SaaS stands for “software as a service.” That means that the software is only accessible via a web browser or mobile app. You cannot run this type of program on your desktop computer from your hard drive. You must be connected to the internet to access SaaS software. Hosted bookkeeping refers to desktop software that is run from a server that is connected to the internet. You access it via your web browser, but you are actually running desktop software on another computer. It is somewhat similar to remote access, but done using unique logins and better privacy protections. Hosted bookkeeping is useful for when the cloud-based SaaS software does not have the functionality that desktop software might have that are critical needs for the client. This situation, however, is shrinking, as SaaS software is becoming more and more powerful. In time, most hosted bookkeeping will go away, since it is more expensive and often more clunky to use via the web.