How do I get potential clients to trust me in a virtual environment?

Communication and relationship are what breed trust. Being in frequent communication (using several different modalities) is absolutely critical for virtual bookkeepers. To build a trusting relationship, you also need to communicate that you do more than just balance the books and make sure that documents are attached to transactions. You need to demonstrate that you care about your clients’ success. That means regular meetings. Ideally, this is by using online meeting software such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, or even Skype. I highly recommend using the video capabilities of these programs (yes, that means having a webcam and looking professional, even in your home office). If clients do not want to use video, a live phone / audio conversation helps. For potential clients, the same advice applies. Wherever possible, try to have video meetings and live interaction. Do not hide behind email. If the potential client is in your local area, you can also plan to meet in person, even if your services will be virtual. This holds true for existing clients who are local. Plan to meet in person from time to time, since nothing helps build trust and closer relationships than in-person communication.