Besides keeping the records up to date, what problems can I solve for clients so they understand my value?

The answer somewhat depends on the type of clients you want to serve and the specific services you want to offer as a bookkeeper. That said, nearly all clients will care about services that will help them (1) make money, (2) save money, (3) save time, (4) avoid effort, and (5) escape pain. If you don’t know which of your services will provide those types of results, the best advice I can give you is to ask potential clients lots of questions to understand the problems they are facing in their business. Really listen. Then brainstorm ways to help solve those problems. Just doing that will (1) communicate that you care about their success and (2) that you can be trusted. A good example is coming up with ways to help them manage their cash flow more effectively. This will help save them from being up at night worrying if they will have enough money to pay the bills that are due. This is a common worry for small business owners. One that we are in a great position to assist them with.