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“We are already working with our first ‘virtual’ client”

Gabrielle has done all of us a big favor. She has taken the “hype” out of virtual bookkeeping… This has already helped us get over the “fear of change” and further embrace the reality of virtual bookkeeping. We are already working with our first ‘virtual’ client.

Elton Hudson, Ashville, NC

YES! I'm ready to discover how to start my own home-based freelance bookkeeping business and effectively market my virtual bookkeeping services so I can start attracting new clients in as little as 30 days!

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In this exciting completely updated training course you learn exactly how to...

  • Attract new clients nearly automatically with the most effective marketing methods that work for freelance virtual bookkeepers
  • Deliver efficient bookkeeping services using the power of the Internet and the best online apps (many are low-cost or even free!)
  • Charge premium service rates and get paid promptly every single month by happy clients who sing your praises and send you referrals
  • Quickly set up your internal business systems, using my step-by-step format, so you can start working with your new clients confidently and profitably
  • Pull it all together in an easy-to-follow system so you can finally get your business off the ground in as little as 30 days, even if you're on a shoestring budget, have no clients and are still working a day job!

Here’s just a taste of what we’ll cover together…

  • What does virtual bookkeeping involve and how does it work...
  • What are the essential skills and software you need to run a bookkeeping business successfully (and what to do if you have gaps in your qualifications)
  • What are your choices when it comes to your business model and how to choose the one that will help you reach your goals fastest...
  • How to know which services to offer and which clients you should be working with to assure your success and growth right from the start...
  • Which online apps and tools do you really need, and which ones are a waste of time and money for effective virtual bookkeeping...
  • How you can set your rates profitably and get paid promptly every time (and even how to automate the process!)...
  • How to market your virtual bookkeeping services effectively on a shoestring budget both online and offline for maximum client attraction power...
  • How to design and set up your internal systems and processes for top-notch client service delivery you can be proud of (including checklists, templates and worksheets)...

...and much, MUCH more!

You get instant access to the comprehensive "Virtual Bookkeepers Guide" online training course, along with these exclusive bonuses...

BONUS #1 - The "Virtual Bookkeeper's Toolbox" Cheat Sheets, Templates, Worksheets & Checklists

Even if you only have a few hours a week to devote to your virtual bookkeeping business, these action-based downloadable tools will keep you on track and help you build a rock-solid business in the least amount of time (because you'll be focusing on what gets you the best results)

BONUS #2 - The Virtual Bookkeeper’s Ultra Quick-Start Guide

It's is your personal handbook for getting your business up and running with paying clients faster than you ever thought possible! This highly valuable downloadable guide is designed for professional bookkeepers who want a streamlined way to get up and running FAST! You get a daily action plan so you can literally go from zero to income-generating business in just 30 days. This is your 'secret weapon' that includes a Master Checklist to keep you on track and always know what to do next. Follow the steps in this powerful document and YOUR path to success becomes unavoidable!

BONUS #3 - Virtual Bookkeeping Apps and Recommended Tools

Cut through the app noise and discover the specific online software that works best for virtual bookkeepers and fit into an automated workflow. I share with you the actual tools I'm using in my own virtual bookkeeping business, along with comparison charts and pricing. This is your time-saving tool for eliminating the painful trial-and-error process, and instead just go straight to what works.

BONUS #4 – Bonus Workflow and Nuts-n-Bolts App Training Sessions

You also get four bonus training modules that cover the key online apps (aside from your accounting software) for virtual bookkeepers so you can save time and cut your learning curve by going straight to what you need to implement immediately to get results. You'll see exactly how to fit the pieces together to build your own customized internal workflow to streamline your services. Armed with this continuously updated bonus material, you'll be miles ahead of the competition who are wandering lost in the accounting technology wilderness! As technology options change, you get all future updates too!

Here's Exactly What You Get...

  • Core Training - Full 5-Module video-based course where you learn how to set up your business, define your business model, pricing, services and start marketing to find your first clients
  • Bonus Training - Nuts-n-Bolts video-based modules (4 of them right now, but there's more coming) that cover workflow, apps and automation
  • The Ultra Quick-Start Guide - This is a downloadable PDF document that guides you through the 30-Day Plan for getting your business up and running with your first new clients in 30 days so you can use what you learn immediately
  • Virtual Bookkeeper's Toolbox - This is chock full of time-saving downloadable tools you can use right away. It's currently filled with 8 worksheets, 4 charts, 2 checklists and 6 forms and templates, but we continue to add to the list.
  • Recommended Resources - Where you go to get the exact online tools I've been using in my own practice and recommend. Currently there are dozens of choices surrounding file transfer, document management, online backup, bookkeeping software and more!
  • Quarterly LIVE Update / Q&A Bonus Webinars (New!)- Every three months throughout the year we gather to discuss new technology and answer YOUR questions. This is a popular new addition to this program - and yes, it's included for free.
  • All Future Updates at no additional charge. After your business is up and running, we continue to support you and help you keep up with changing technology. This is about you succeeding!

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Virtual Bookkeepers Guide
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If the “Virtual Bookkeepers Guide” doesn't show you exactly how to find your first virtual bookkeeping client in 30 days or less… or if it doesn't take you by the hand with step-by-step instructions for setting up your new business with confidence… or if it fails to show you how to charge highly profitable fees for virtual bookkeeping services… then you’ll receive a full refund, no questions, no quibble! I truly care about your success and guarantee that you can do this, or your money back!

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Get It All for only $197 

headshotRemember, once you join the program, you get all future updates and new material for free. So now is a great time to get YOUR bookkeeping business up and running using online technology!

Lock in this affordable price now. You have nothing to lose and your first paying virtual bookkeeping client by this time next month to gain!

- Gabrielle Fontaine, PB, ASBC
Every minute you wait to get the "Virtual Bookkeepers Guide" is another minute you keep spinning your wheels without the freedom of being a successful freelance virtual bookkeeper. Isn't it time you finally started your own profitable home-based bookkeeping business and got paid what you deserve?

ACT NOW so YOU can become the next virtual bookkeeping success story!

“Gabrielle…has led my wife and I into the future”

“Gabrielle Fontaine has become my mentor. Her easy to understand information has led my wife and I into the future. Making a life, doing what we love, with people we like… In the small town we live in, salaries are pretty well fixed. Being a virtual bookkeeper allows us to reach out across the country and choose who will be our clients.

We don’t have to settle and neither do you. She tells you how, in easy to understand language. She shares what software will be helpful and gives tips on how to make new technology work for you in your business.”

-Dana Worth, small town outside Tucson, AZ

“Within one week I received two new clients.”

“I took your advice and… Within one week I received two new clients. Thank you… I currently have more than enough clients… and can’t see taking on more for quite awhile.”

-Catherine C. Huerta, Minneapolis, MN

“If you want to go virtual, you need this.”

“I’ve researched bits and pieces of how to move toward virtual bookkeeping. Gabrielle has pulled all the pieces together in a way that makes sense. If you want to go virtual, you need this… Thank you Gabrielle!”

-Todd Smitherman, Florence, OR

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