"How to Start Your Own Freelance Virtual Bookkeeping Business... in As Little As 30 Days"

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“We are already working with our first ‘virtual’ client”

Gabrielle has done all of us a big favor. She has taken the “hype” out of virtual bookkeeping… This has already helped us get over the “fear of change” and further embrace the reality of virtual bookkeeping. We are already working with our first ‘virtual’ client.

Elton Hudson, Ashville, NC

YES! I'm ready to discover how to start my own home-based freelance bookkeeping business and effectively market my virtual bookkeeping services so I can start attracting new clients in as little as 30 days!

In this exciting multi-media training course you learn exactly how to...

  • Attract new clients almost automatically with the most effective marketing methods that work for freelance virtual bookkeepers
  • Deliver efficient bookkeeping services using the power of the Internet and the best online tools it has to offer (at little or no cost to you!)
  • Charge premium service rates and get paid promptly every single month by happy clients who sing your praises and send you referrals
  • Quickly set up your internal business systems, using my step-by-step format, so you can start working with your new clients confidently and consistently
  • Pull it all together in an easy-to-follow system so you can get your business off the ground in as little as 30 days, even if you're on a shoestring budget, have no clients and still need to work a day job!

Here’s just a taste of what we’ll cover together…

  • What does virtual bookkeeping involve and how does it work...
  • What are the essential bookkeeping and software skills you need to run a bookkeeping business successfully (and what to do if you find there are gaps in your qualifications)
  • Your choice of business models and how to choose the one that helps you reach your goals the fastest...
  • Which services will you offer and which clients should you serve to assure success and profitability right from the start...
  • Which online tools do you really need, and which ones are unnecessary for effective virtual bookkeeping...
  • The ways to set your rates profitably and how to get paid promptly every time (including the tools you can use to set this up quickly)...
  • How to market your virtual bookkeeping services effectively on a budget both online and offline for maximum client attraction power...
  • How to design and set up your internal systems and processes for top-notch client service delivery you can be proud of...

...and much, MUCH more!

Get instant access to the complete "Insider's Guide to Your Own Virtual Bookkeeping Business" online training course, along with access to the following exclusive bonuses...

BONUS #1 - The "Virtual Bookkeeper's Toolbox" Cheat Sheets, Templates, Worksheets & Checklists

Even if you only have a few hours a week to devote to your virtual bookkeeping business, these action-based downloadable tools will keep you on track and help you build a rock-solid business in the least amount of time (because you'll be focusing on what will get you the best real world results)

BONUS #2 - The Virtual Bookkeeper’s Ultra Quick-Start Guide

This is your 30-day handbook for getting your business up and running with paying clients faster than you ever thought possible! This no-fluff downloadable guide is designed for professional bookkeepers who want a streamlined way to get up and running, with daily action plans, so you can go from zero to business in 30 days. It includes a Master Checklist so you always know what to do next and where you are on YOUR path to success!

BONUS #3 - Complete Illustrated Transcripts of the 2-part core training sessions

Get these fully edited PDF transcripts that you can use for easy reference whenever you need more detailed instructions. Print them out and use them as your go-to answer resource as you set up your own home-based freelance virtual bookkeeping business and market your services effectively online right out of the chute.

BONUS #4 – Supplemental Training Sessions and Software Tools Tutorial Videos

You also get training on the key tools of the trade (aside from your accounting software) for virtual bookkeepers so you can save time and cut your learning curve to go straight to what you need to know and implement immediately without distraction. You will be able to build an efficient and profitable internal workflow with these bonus segments. We update them from time to time, so you’ll never have to worry about being left behind by technology changes in our industry.

Take a full 60 Days to put the
“Insider’s Guide to Your Own Virtual Bookkeeping Business”
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If “The Insider's Guide to Your Own Virtual Bookkeeping Business” doesn't show you exactly how to find your first virtual bookkeeping client in 30 days or less… or if it doesn't take you by the hand with step-by-step instructions for setting up your new business with confidence… or if it fails to show you how to charge profitable fees for virtual bookkeeping services… then you’ll receive a full refund, no questions, no quibble! I truly care about your success and guarantee that you can do this, or your money back!

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headshotTake advantage of this special price, while it's still available! I have been told time and again by my business mentors that I’m grossly undercharging for the value provided in this training package. So the price is going up this year (no, that's not hype - it's a fact!). Lock in this crazy low price now. This is the no-nonsense step-by-step training you need to get your virtual bookkeeping business set up fast, start marketing your services, and get your first paying client by this time next month!

- Gabrielle Fontaine, PB
Every minute you wait to get the "Insider's Guide to Your Own Virtual Bookkeeping Business" is another minute you stay stuck without the freedom to become a successful freelance virtual bookkeeper and finally start your own profitable home-based bookkeeping business.
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“Gabrielle…has led my wife and I into the future”

“Gabrielle Fontaine has become my mentor. Her easy to understand information has led my wife and I into the future. Making a life, doing what we love, with people we like… In the small town we live in, salaries are pretty well fixed. Being a virtual bookkeeper allows us to reach out across the country and choose who will be our clients.

We don’t have to settle and neither do you. She tells you how, in easy to understand language. She shares what software will be helpful and gives tips on how to make new technology work for you in your business.”

-Dana Worth, small town outside Tucson, AZ

“Within one week I received two new clients.”

“I took your advice and… Within one week I received two new clients. Thank you… I currently have more than enough clients… and can’t see taking on more for quite awhile.”

-Catherine C. Huerta, Minneapolis, MN

“If you want to go virtual, you need this.”

“I’ve researched bits and pieces of how to move toward virtual bookkeeping. Gabrielle has pulled all the pieces together in a way that makes sense. If you want to go virtual, you need this… Thank you Gabrielle!”

-Todd Smitherman, Florence, OR

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